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Will Holcomb buck GOP hardliners, Trump and honor promise to keep schools whole?

INDIANAPOLIS – It took just 50 days for Indiana Republicans to break their commitment not to cut school funding. Now, as teachers, students and parents grapple with rebooting instruction during a global pandemic, the Indiana GOP are weaponizing a 15% budget cut.

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There appears to be rebellion in the ranks of the Senate Republicans, forcing Leader Rod Bray to issue a not-so-subtle threat to schools: open up or face funding cuts. Bray’s letter is right in line with President Trump’s position to hold funding hostage for any school that refuses to open. With leadership elections on the horizon, it’s clear the hardliners in Bray’s caucus are forcing his hand.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called on Holcomb to honor his word and refuse to cave to Trump and his conservative state senate allies.

“Teachers, students and parents need certainty, not threats,” said Zody. “Eric Holcomb needs to stand up to Donald Trump and Rod Bray and say he’s not going to cut one penny of school funding. Anything less than that makes him a liar.”


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