2020 Webinar Schedule


Thursday 7/9 at 4:00PM: Tour of the Toolbox – Basics of managing your VAN campaign – Register here

Sunday 7/12 at 2:00PM: Create a List – Planning your recruitment, persuasion, and turnout universes – Register here

Thursday 7/16 at 4:00PM: Measure Twice, Create a List Once – Saved searches, folders, and time – Register here

Saturday 7/18 at 2:00PM: Virtual Phone Banks – Turning your lists into effective voter contact – Register here

Thursday 7/23 at 4:00PM: Foundation for Success – Creating powerful scripts, codes, and surveys – Register here

Saturday 7/25 at 2:00PM: Creative Contact Strategies – Using multiple, highly targeted VPBs to scale up your program – Register here

Thursday 7/30 at 4:00PM: Vote by Mail – incorporating absentee, early, and primary voting data – Register here

Saturday 8/21 at 2:00PM: Reach Voters Where They Are – Targeted text, mail, and digital programs – Register here

Thursday 8/6 at 4:00PM: From ‘MyCampaign’ to Your Campaign – Volunteer and event management – Register here

Saturday 8/8 at 2:00PM: Report Manager – How to design, schedule, and analyze VAN reports – Register here

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