2021 Review: Democrats Delivered a Brighter Future for Indiana and Hoosier Families


From COVID-19 vaccines, relief for all 92 counties, broadband investments, fully-funding schools and Eric Holcomb’s READI program (and more!), Hoosier Democrats delivered for the Hoosier State

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated a year where Hoosier Democrats stepped up and delivered for Indiana and its families when it mattered most. Thanks to President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, U.S. Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan, and Democrats in the Indiana General Assembly, Hoosiers are on the cusp of seeing a brighter future for their families and their communities through the American Rescue Plan and The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – and it’s solely because of Democrats. 

It’s worth remembering: not a single Indiana Republican supported the American Rescue Plan or The Jobs Act, despite taking the dough. The INGOP actually referred to these investments as “socialism”, showing how their extreme partisanship is rooting against Indiana’s bright future. 

Indiana Democrats took this record on the road this year with four statewide tours focused on how the Rescue Plan and Jobs Act is creating a better tomorrow for Hoosiers. Democrats traveled to towns big and small across 55 counties in 2021, and they will take this record on the road next year for the upcoming 2022 state and federal elections. 

Here’s a sampling of what Hoosiers saw from Democrats this year: 

March 2021: Led by the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus (IBLC), Democrats pass historic criminal justice reform for the Hoosier State. 

March 2021: André Carson and Frank Mrvan get the American Rescue Plan to President Joe Biden’s desk: 

What the American Rescue Plan means for Indiana

  1. $1,400 relief checks for 91% of Hoosier adults
  2. $5.8 billion in relief for all 92 counties
  3. $2 billion for Indiana’s schools 
  4. $540 million for childcare investments across state
  5. $350 billion to “super fund” first responders, fight crime

April 2021: Statehouse Democrats pass 2021 state budget, and thank to the American Rescue Plan, it means: 

  1. $500 million to fully fund Eric Holcomb’s READI program
  2. $250 million for broadband investments across state
  3. Fully-fund public schools for first time in over a decade
  4. Provide pay raise for Indiana’s educators

November 2021: André Carson and Frank Mrvan pass The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (The Jobs Act), send it to President Joe Biden for signature:

What the The Jobs Act means for Indiana

  1. $7 billion for road and bridges repairs across Indiana
  2. $751 million to revitalize state’s water infrastructure system
  3. $680 million to replenish public transportation systems in urban areas
  4. $100 million for further broadband internet investments
  5. $100 million to expand electric vehicle (EV) charging network
  6. $20 million to fight climate change


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