2022 Wrap Up: American Rescue Plan Delivers Brighter Economic Future for Hoosiers in All 92 Counties 


INDems will provide recaps on how Democrats have focused on the kitchen-table issues most important to Hoosiers between now and Election Day

The INGOP said “NO” to these historic investments despite campaigning on global inflation and high cost of goods

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the brighter economic future the American Rescue Plan is delivering for Hoosiers. Whether it is allocating $500 million for economic development projects (via READI) or providing home security to families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, better days are on the horizon for families because Democrats stood by them when it mattered most. 

In contrast, U.S. Senator Todd Young and the Indiana GOP said “NO” to this brighter future – despite campaigning on global inflation and the high costs of goods. Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer even called the Republicans’ opposition a “great campaign to run on”. The Indiana GOP’s saying “NO” to the kitchen-table issues is another reminder they have no plan for Indiana’s future – just abiding by an extremist agenda. 

With two weeks before Election Day, here’s just a sample of how the American Rescue Plan is benefitting Hoosiers:

  • State and Local Fiscal Support: About $5.8 billion was delivered to Indiana and its cities and towns to help our communities recover lost revenue and build better opportunities for our families. 
  • Construction Projects: Approximately $550 million for planned projects and $900 million for future construction projects across Indiana. 
  • Funds for K-12 Schools: More than $2 billion for Indiana’s schools to update facilities like ventilation systems.
  • Pay Raise for Educators: Delivered a well-deserved raise for state educators. 
  • Broadband: More than $250 million for broadband internet expansion across Indiana. This investment serves as a foundation of the upcoming American Jobs Plan (see below). 
  • Rural Broadband: An additional $187 million is being provided to target expanding broadband access in rural communities. 
  • READI: About $500 million to fully-fund the state’s regional economic development program. 
  • Law Enforcement: More than $350 billion in investments to help recruit new police officers and fight crime across the nation. 
  • Childcare: Approximately $540 million to help fight Indiana’s childcare crisis, delivering pay raises for workers and funding to update facilities. 
  • Water Infrastructure: About $160 million for water infrastructure projects. 
  • Home Security: About $167 million will be used to help homeowners catch up on mortgage, insurance, and property tax payments.
  • Relief Checks: More than 91-percent of all Hoosier adults received a $1,400 relief check to help make ends meet during the pandemic.


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