2023 Session: INDems Oppose Flurry of Bills Attacking the LGBTQ+ Community


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, stands with LGBTQ+ Hoosiers against the INGOP’s unnecessary and continued attacks on families and children. This week, the Republican supermajority heard Senate Bill 480 and House Bill 1608 again after they passed out of their original chambers. 

These are targeted assaults on the LGBTQ+ community, are opposed by many teachers and educators, and do nothing to address Indiana’s C- rated education system. Over 200 medical professionals are calling on the supermajority to stop the attacks on gender-affirming care found in SB 480.

HB 1608 is the INGOP’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. It is a hateful proposal to forcibly out transgender youth and demonize children who come from non-traditional settings.

These are two of the most dangerous bills in what the Indiana ACLU describes as the INGOP’s ‘slate of hate’. Many of these hateful ideas are just word-for-word reprints of bills that have been proposed and promoted by far-right groups in other states.

“These two bills are just additional examples of how the Republican supermajority is out of touch with the priorities of everyday Hoosiers. Lawmakers should stop meddling in the lives of vulnerable children as well as the work of medical professionals in Indiana,” said Mike Schmuhl, Chair of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Statehouse Democrats are fighting against this hateful agenda on display that will continue to drive our state backward. It’s time to end the hateful attacks that are harmful for children, families, and businesses.”

In the closing weeks of the legislative session, Indiana Democrats remain committed to addressing the major problems facing our state. The differences between Statehouse Democrats and Republicans could not be more stark: while Republicans work to advance their “slate of hate”, Democrats are focused on reducing gun crimes, supporting first responders and protecting drinking water in daycares and preschools.


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