2023 Session: INDems Stand Firm Against INGOP Culture Wars as Legislative Session Reaches Halfway Point


INDIANAPOLIS –  The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, reaffirms its commitment to fighting for the rights of all Hoosiers and denouncing the INGOP’s attacks on LGBTQ Hoosiers, organized labor, and voting access. As the Indiana legislative session reaches its halfway point, the INGOP continues their ‘slate of hate’ against LGBTQ Hoosiers and pushes discriminatory bills that would harm the most vulnerable of our society.

Fact is: Indiana’s future has dimmed under the GOP’s nearly 20-year watch. Hoosiers have an F rated quality-of-life and the state has a D- rated workforce, a C- rated education system, the third worst maternal mortality rate in the nation, and the country’s most polluted waterways. Republicans have ignored the warning signs from Indiana’s top business leaders and their taxpayer-funded reports in order to push an out-of-the-mainstream agenda that creates problems instead of solving them.

Yet instead of focusing on the issues facing Hoosier families, Indiana is poised to join the least welcoming states in the nation because the INGOP would rather focus on targeting vulnerable populations than serving Hoosier families.

Meanwhile, Democrats at the Statehouse have been focused on reducing violent crime, making housing more affordable, creating clean drinking water for students, improving conditions for first responders, and increasing access to contraception. While some bills, such as those related to driving cards, a Democratic priority that did not make it past the halfway point, Democrats in the statehouse are continuing to fight for the needs of Hoosier families, students, and workers.

“Indiana Democrats are working to deliver on the issues that matter most to people in their daily lives, and we are proud of the efforts of our legislators. We are committed to building an Indiana where everyone has a chance to succeed and the government doesn’t get in the way,” said Mike Schmuhl, Chair of the Indiana Democratic Party. “We cannot afford to continue down the same path that has led to Indiana’s dismal quality-of-life and workforce ratings. It is time for the INGOP to put aside national partisan politics and work with Democrats to find real solutions to the challenges facing Indiana.”

As the legislative session continues, Indiana Democrats remain committed to finding practical solutions to the issues facing Indiana, including housing affordability, access to clean drinking water, and reducing violent crime. The party calls on the INGOP to join House and Senate Democrats in prioritizing the needs of Hoosier families and workers, rather than pushing a divisive, harmful agenda.


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