What Hoosiers are Watching: Seniors Call Out Congressman Young For His Damaging Plans to Medicare



INDIANAPOLIS – Across the state this week, seniors called out Congressman Todd Young and his radical plan that would end Medicare as we know it and increase healthcare costs for Hoosier seniors.

At a press conference Wednesday, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody and Cheryl Laux, a retired medical professional from Indianapolis, announced the new “Indiana Democratic Party Report: The Young Plan and Its Harmful Effect On Seniors,” detailing Congressman Todd Young’s reckless plan that harms Hoosier seniors and weakens their health security.

WISH – Indianapolis

And on Friday afternoon, Rep. Phil GiaQuinta and Councilwoman Sharon Tucker  were joined by seniors in Fort Wayne, including Marvin Ross, to deliver the message that Indiana’s seniors won’t let Congressman Young balance the budget on their shoulders.

WANE – Fort Wayne

Under Congressman Young’s plan, more than one million Hoosiers counting on the Medicare benefits they’ve earned would face steep hikes to their health care costs.

The Young Plan would raise prescription drug prices for Hoosiers by $120 million over 10 years and increase out-of-pockets costs for seniors by $6,400—amounts that force seniors to choose between their medications and other essential bills.


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