3,400+ Hoosiers think it’s time for redistricting reform. One lawmaker is blocking progress


INDIANAPOLIS – On Wednesday, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody dropped off 3,474 petition signatures endorsing an independent redistricting commission to Representative Milo Smith’s Statehouse office. Smith chairs the House Elections Committee and, thus far, has blocked any redistricting legislation from receiving a hearing. Zody believes Smith’s actions highlight the need for reform.

“When politicians stack the deck in their favor, they aren’t accountable to Hoosiers,” said Zody. “One politician shouldn’t be able to shut down progress on redistricting reform. That’s exactly what Rep. Smith is doing.”

Over 3,400 Hoosiers signed on to a petition circulated by the Indiana Democratic Party to establish an independent redistricting commission in Indiana. On Wednesday, Zody left those signatures for Smith and believed they might prompt him to hear a stalled redistricting bill.

“Hoosiers are sick and tired of what they perceive as a rigged election system,” said Zody. “Hoosiers want to believe their voice and their vote count. It’s time for an independent redistricting commission and I believe these petitions are going to help Rep. Smith arrive at that conclusion.”

The deadline for House committees to consider legislation and pass a committee report is Tuesday, February 27.



A county-by-county breakdown of petition signatures is available here.

Video of the petition drop-off and press gaggle is available here.

The letter Chairman Zody left for Rep. Smith is available here.

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