6 not so good Indiana biz stats and rankings


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana, it’s a state that emblazons its alleged business bona fides on the sides of buildings. It’s also a state possessing some business rankings Statehouse Republicans might not be so proud of.

65 percent – The probability an engineering graduate of one of Indiana’s universities leaves the state after five years. The refrain is often Indiana needs to skill-up its workforce, but highly-skilled Hoosiers are leaving, too.

48th– Indiana’s entrepreneurial ranking – worthy of a bronze medal at the Fail Olympics.

50th – Indiana’s two-year college graduation rate, good for worst in the country.

40th and $1 billion – The number of 25-64-year-olds with an associate degree or higher – an indicator of workforce preparedness – ranked 42nd in 2005.  After 10 years of Daniels and Pence administrations’ programs and policies to boost the workforce, that rank inched up to 40th in 2015.

It’s hardly progress considering the $1 billion price tag taxpayers appear to foot annually for Republicans’ workforce development policies.

42nd – A quarter of Hoosier borrowers have student loan debt. The median debt stood at $17,457, above the national average and good for 27th nationally.

48th– Quality of life. It’s a critical element for attracting and retaining top talent and Indiana’s is dismal.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody doubted Governor Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans’ approach to workforce development.

“Last in two-year graduation rates; 48th in seeding entrepreneurs; 48th in quality of life. The rankings don’t lie,” said Zody. “It’s the product of nearly a decade of Republicans fanatically and blindly engaging in a race to the bottom by giving tax breaks to the wealthy while failing to invest in Indiana’s most valuable resource: Hoosiers.”


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