65 Hours Later: Silence from Congressman Young as Trump Calls His Words on Sexual Assault “Locker Room Talk”


Congressman Young still giving “serious consideration” to Trump as his Republican colleagues continue to rescind their support

INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Todd Young has had 65 hours to give “serious consideration” to Donald Trump’s remarks condoning sexual assault, but has yet to withdraw his whole-hearted support of his party’s presidential nominee.

As scores of other Republicans have renounced their support of Trump, including Senators McCain, Ayotte and Portman, Congressman Young is purposefully choosing to remain silent on whether or not he still supports the Republican nominee.

“How many hours does Congressman Young need to figure out if he will stand by his presidential candidate—whom he has strongly supported—after Trump has condoned sexual assault against women?” said John Zody, Chairman. “This is a matter of political calculus for Congressman Young, plain and simple, and Hoosiers deserve better. It is long past time that Todd Young let us know where he stands.”


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