A day later and hundreds of thousands of dollars short, Congressmen Messer’s and Rokita’s Q4 numbers finally come out


INDIANAPOLIS – After letting the entire month of January and the fourth quarter filing deadline sail by, Congressmen Rokita’s and Messer’s fundraising hauls have finally come out, and the numbers must come as a stark disappointment to their supporters.

The FEC’s deadline for campaigns to file and announce their fourth quarter fundraising came and went last night, but neither Congressman Messer and Rokita released their numbers before the end of January 31, making them two of the few Senate contenders nationwide not to publicize their efforts. The reason for that became clear this morning, when their filings became public, showing that neither candidate raised $500,000. Even between the two of them, they failed to raise $900,000, let alone $1 million.

After raising more than $1.2 million in the fourth quarter and finishing with over $5.3 million on hand, Joe Donnelly has out raised Congressmen Messer and Rokita combined and reported more cash on hand than both combined for the second straight quarter.

“It’s apparent why Congressman Rokita and Congressman Messer tried to hide their fundraising numbers as long as they could: they’re abysmal,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “The mudslinging between the two men has clearly left grassroots Republicans underwhelmed, uninspired and unwilling to donate. As the personal attacks pick up in the four months between now and the primary, will voters’ enthusiasm, and their fundraising, only continue to get worse?”


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