A Major Self-Own, Tone-Deaf Jokes, and Other Takeaways From Gov. Holcomb’s COVID-19 Update Yesterday


While Indiana “is on fire”, Governor Holcomb brings a bucket of water to the fight 

Governor mocks responsible quarantining as a jail “sentence”, describes vital weekly press conferences as a TV “show”

IndyStar column: ‘Indiana is on fire’ with COVID-19 and we’re just watching it burn

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today released the following takeaways from yesterday’s COVID-19 press conference, which illustrated how Governor Eric Holcomb finally acknowledged there was a big problem with Indiana’s response to the virus. However, like previous weeks, the Governor’s response was bare minimum and political rather than fair-minded and data driven. Simply put: There continues to be zero leadership coming from Indiana’s governor right now.

WHY IT MATTERS: Hoosier Republicans continue to coddle an insecure, outgoing President while abusing the trust voters have provided them during these uncertain times. Republicans would rather crack jokes than take any responsibility for their Party’s choice to ignore science and data about COVID-19. 

Check out what you may have missed during yesterday’s press event:

  1. Major Self-Own: Governor Holcomb finally admits COVID-19 is out of control, says Indiana “is on fire”

Tweet by Shari Rudavsky, IndyStar

  1. BUT… Holcomb brings a bucket of water to the house fire. 

Tweet by Brandon Smith, Indiana Public Media

  1. Holcomb refers to his weekly press conferences as a TV “show”, as more than 6,000 Hoosiers have died from COVID-19

Gov. Holcomb: All of this is in a single attempt to try to bring down that crest and slow the spread. We’re not alone in this, as I’ve mentioned on this show multiple times… 

  1. Holcomb delivers tone-deaf joke describing the responsibility of quarantining as serving a “sentence” — a reference to someone serving jail time

Gov. Holcomb: “Afternoon, Steve. Ooooh…what…what…what day of your sentence are you serving?” (chuckles to one self)

So using the governor’s own humor, Governor Holcomb and the Indiana Republican Party are acting like this when Hoosier families need their help the most: 


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