Affordable housing crunch… in Hamilton County?


The rising cost of living has spared no corner of the state, and in Hamilton County, it’s manifested itself as a shortage of affordable housing. It’s a policy concern the Republican-led Legislature has almost entirely disregarded, even more troubling when you consider that some of the House and Senate’s most powerful lawmakers reside in Hamilton County.

From Indianapolis Star How Hamilton County is pricing out middle-income homebuyers

“Like a lot of potential homebuyers, Corbin Dougherty can’t find a house in Hamilton County that fits his $200,000 budget.

“Many middle-class buyers such as Dougherty are finding it increasingly difficult to afford a home in Hamilton County. New construction averages $346,000. Homes on the resale market average $304,000.

“Buying a home in affluent Hamilton County used to be surprisingly affordable.

“When we as a community decide that anything under $250,000 or even $300,000 is not worthy of approval, we end up out of whack,” said Steve Lains, president of the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis.”


It’s another indication of just how out-of-touch Statehouse Republicans have become after a near decade in complete control and it’s why Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody believed Hoosier Democrats will focus their 2019 legislative strategy on reducing the cost of living.

“When teachers, firefighters and other working Hoosiers are being pushed out of the communities they serve, alarm bells should be ringing,” said Zody. “It’s an issue that has quite literally made it to Statehouse Republicans’ backyards and their inaction underscores just how oblivious they are to kitchen table issues.”

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