After giving to Congressman known for pressuring mistress into an abortion, Congressman Rokita railed against Senator for donating to a “abortionist”


INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Rokita bashed a Republican U.S. Senator in December for donating to a candidate the Congressman labeled as “pro-abortionist,” but that claim seems hypocritical after a Journal Gazette story last week revealed he’d donated to a Congressman who’d pressured his mistress into having an abortion.

During a December IN Focus interview, Congressman Rokita, who supported alleged pedophile Roy Moore until the very end, railed against Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) for giving $100 to the campaign of then-candidate Doug Jones in last year’s Alabama Senate election. Congressman Rokita found several reasons to criticize Senator Flake’s donation, primarily for it going to a “pro-abortionist” like Jones.

On Friday, however, the Journal Gazette revealed that even though he claims to be “100 percent pro-life” and opposes abortion without exception – even to protect the life of the mother –  Congressman Rokita’s own leadership PAC gave $9,000 to Scott DesJarlais, a Congressman who claimed to be similarly “pro-life” but had pressured his mistress to have an abortion and reportedly encouraged two more for his ex-wife before they were married. The donations came after Politico called Congressman DesJarlais “the biggest hypocrite in Congress” for his actions.

By the time Congressman Rokita had criticized Senator Flake for his $100 donation, he had already given roughly 90 times that to Congressman DesJarlais himself.

“Not only did Congressman Rokita donate to a Congressman known as ‘the biggest hypocrite in Congress’ for his own abortion issues, he then went on TV and hypocritically attacked a member of the very Senate Conference he hopes to join for doing the same thing,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “As Congressman Rokita tries to have it both ways, Hoosiers are increasingly understanding that he claims to be “100 percent pro-life,” but he seems more “100 percent pro-his own political life.’”


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