After nearly two weeks, Rep. Braun finally clarifies inflammatory comments about Curtis Hill’s accusers


INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun finally clarified this weekend whether he believes the women who’ve accused Curtis Hill of groping them, nearly two weeks after his inflammatory remarks suggested Hill was the only credible opinion on the events that shaped his scandal.

On IN Focus yesterday, Rep. Braun was forced to explain his bizarre interview on WIBC about Curtis Hill’s groping scandal. Rep. Braun’s interview two weeks ago featured bizarre comments on the subject, including claims that Hill’s choice to resign was a “personal decision” and the implication that he did not believe the women’s accounts, saying that “only Curtis knows [if these allegations are true] himself.”

Yesterday’s belated defense came only after host Dan Spehler pressed him on the issue, pointing out that “some were critical of you and your campaign for not being clear … on where you stood on the Curtis Hill controversy.”

It’s unclear why Rep. Braun took almost two weeks to fully walk back his comments. While his campaign was quick to try and clean up his rambling WIBC interview within hours of it airing, they failed to address his most egregious comments – that he didn’t believe the women. His suggestion until yesterday that he believed Hill had the only credible account was a shocking departure from leaders of both parties that have publicly defended the women who have told their stories while Hill’s team has worked to smear them.

“Rep. Braun may have finally walked back his shameful comments about Hill’s accusers, but Hoosiers are still wondering why it took him two weeks and a ton of sustained pressure to do so,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Hoosiers from across the political spectrum expect their senator – or anyone who wants to be one – to be a leader. It’s obvious from his comments and his willingness to let them stand until confronted on television that Rep. Braun is not one.”


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