After rambling interview, unclear whether Rep. Braun believes AG Hill or the four women he allegedly groped


INDIANAPOLIS – It’s still unclear whether Rep. Braun believes the four women who accused Attorney General Curtis Hill of groping them following his rambling response to the Hill scandal in an interview Tuesday.

Rep. Braun initially isolated himself from other Republican leaders yesterday when he gave bizarre interview on WIBC. Rep. Braun claimed that Hill’s decision to resign was up to him, and he sought to undermine the credibility of the four female accusers, saying that “only Curtis knows [if these allegations are true] himself.”

Seeking to clean up the mess, Rep. Braun’s campaign put out a statement hours later where he finally joined other party leaders and called on Hill to resign. However, the campaign has said nothing about whether Rep. Braun still believes that Hill is the only one who knows if the allegations are true.

After all, four women have accused Hill of groping them at a March party. Three of those women have now come forward to publicly tell their stories about Hill’s misconduct, including Niki DaSilva, a Republican Statehouse staffer who came forward with an op-ed in theIndy Star today. It is unclear why Rep. Braun was willing to dismiss their views by claiming that Hill was the only one who knew whether he groped them.

Rep. Braun’s delay to call on Hill to step down, and his willingness to believe him over the women who have told their stories, isn’t shocking. The two men have supported each other politically before, most recently when they stood on stage together at last month’s “family values rally” in support of keeping discriminatory anti-marriage language in the GOP platform.

“Rep. Braun showed yesterday that he believes Attorney General Hill instead of the women who have bravely come forward to tell their stories about his disgusting behavior. And while his campaign was moved to clarify that the candidate wanted Hill to resign, they’ve shown no interest in stating that Rep. Braun believes the women over Hill,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Rep. Braun owes it to Hoosiers to clarify whether he still believes Hill over the testimony of four women, and no amount of damage control from his campaign will make up for an answer from Rep. Braun himself.”


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