After weeks of silence, Indiana GOP now says it won’t give back Wynn-tainted money


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Republican Party finally broke its silence this weekend and made clear it has no intention of giving back $10,000 it received from alleged sexual assaulter and GOP megadonor Steve Wynn.

When asked over the weekend what they plan to do with their Wynn-tainted money, the Indiana Republican Party told the Journal Gazette that it did not plan to donate the $10,000 contribution from Wynn, who had been the RNC’s finance chairman until a bombshell Wall Street Journal report detailing years of sexual misconduct. While the Indiana GOP claimed that it couldn’t donate the money because it had already been spent, other Republicans found no difficultydonating Wynn’s contributions from previous cycles.

The Indiana GOP’s admission came after ducking repeated calls by the Indiana Democratic Party for them to return their money from Mr. Wynn. Additionally, Indiana’s GOP elected officials, including Congressmen Messer and Rokita, have all failed to address the allegations against Mr. Wynn or the $10,000 check he wrote to the state party.

“There’s a reason why the Indiana GOP had been silent about their donations from Steve Wynn; they didn’t want anyone to know they planned on keeping money from an alleged sexual abuser,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “The Indiana GOP had every opportunity to separate themselves from Wynn’s contribution and show solidarity with victims of sexual assault. By keeping Wynn’s donations and failing to reckon with the Journal’s report, they’ve instead shown that they’re perfectly willing to stand by a man as depraved as Steve Wynn for political gain.”


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