All Seven Indiana House Republicans Vote for Dangerous National Budget Rollback That Would Cut Veterans Services, Food Aid


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party today is disappointed for Hoosier families by the votes last night of all seven Indiana Republicans in the US House of Representatives in approval of the dangerous debt ceiling proposal that cuts critical veteran services, food and nutrition benefits (SNAP and WIC), and more.

Instead of advocating for a budget that supports working families and can actually pass the U.S. Senate, Indiana’s Republican House delegation voted ahead a proposal that only drives our country closer to default.

“Indiana Republicans voted last night to take away key benefits from thousands of Hoosiers, including veterans, mothers, seniors, and children,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl. “By cutting support dollars to local and federal agencies, Republicans are voting to defund our law enforcement and make our communities less safe. Republicans need to stop playing games with Indiana’s future — and by repealing the energy credits available in the Inflation Reduction Act, they are putting thousands of Hoosier job opportunities on the chopping block. 

Hoosier Democratic Reps. Frank Mrvan and André Carson opposed this legislation that is dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate because it makes families less safe and secure, and cuts critical benefits from our veterans that they’ve earned serving our country and protecting our freedoms.”

The GOP debt ceiling bill means the Veterans Administration would cut 80,000 jobs costing veterans over 30 million outpatient visits per year. It repeals a number of key energy tax credits, threatening jobs across the country, and thousands of electric battery manufacturing jobs in Indiana. Republicans are putting politics ahead of people by making it harder for older adults to receive food aid, and cutting the budget for supplemental programs such as WIC. 

Republicans are also aiming at eliminating President Biden’s student loan relief, targeting young working families and those struggling to pay down debt. These cuts would impact almost every federal agency, shutting down air traffic control towers, leaving fewer railroads inspected, and cutting thousands off from rental assistance and senior food aid.

Democrats Frank Mrvan and André Carson voted against the bill, standing up for working families, veterans, and vulnerable Hoosiers, including seniors, pregnant women, and children.


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