American Rescue Plan Delivers Bonuses for Police Officers, Law Enforcement Staff in Lake County


NWI Times: Merrillville full-timers in line for bonus

Don’t forget: Indiana GOP has repeatedly voted to defund Indiana’s police, publicly criticized Indiana State Police’s opposition to permitless carry 

American Rescue Plan: How It Benefits You

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated investments the American Rescue Plan is delivering for the state’s first responders. This time, police officers and law enforcement staff in Merrillville will receive $4,000 and $2,400 in bonuses respectively. These checks – along with overall funding to fight crime – show Hoosiers once again that it is Indiana Democrats who respect and value those who protect and serve the communities our families call home

In contrast, the checks are another reminder the Indiana Republican Party does not respect police officers and first responders. Politicians like U.S. Senator Todd Young voted “NO” on the American Rescue Plan and these investments for law enforcement. Further, statehouse Republicans have repeatedly voted to defund the police. They even criticized the Indiana State Police for their opposition to permitless carry. Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer even described the GOP’s culture war against law enforcement was a “great campaign to run on”. 

Democrats will highlight the Indiana GOP’s “NO” record and their divisive culture wars throughout the 2022 campaign year and beyond. Here’s a look at how the American Rescue Plan continues to deliver for the Hoosier State:

NWI Times: Merrillville full-timers in line for bonus

Clerk-Treasurer Kelly White Gibson said police officers will receive $4,000 bonuses. Full-time employees from all other departments and civilian employees at the police department will receive $2,400 bonuses, she said. 

Council President Rick Bella said the bonuses won’t affect the town’s general fund because Merrillville will use American Rescue Plan funding for the bonuses, which will be dispersed quarterly.

An ordinance associated with the bonuses indicates the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect tax revenues, which is why the council chose to issue bonuses instead of raises.

“The Town Council recognizes the hard work of the town employees for the benefit of the town’s residents, much of which continues to occur in still difficult and unusual circumstances,” the ordinance states.


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