American Rescue Plan Delivers Broadband, Infrastructure Investments for Miami County


Kokomo Tribune: Miami County approves $5.7M in ARP funds for projects

American Rescue Plan: How It Benefits You

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today continued to celebrate how President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan is delivering for Hoosier families, no matter the Zip code. This time, more than $1.4 million is being used to expand broadband internet access, $1.2 million will be spent to build a new YMCA for Miami County, and up to $300,000 will be spent to update the Courthouse’s HVAC system. A better future is being created for Hoosier families in Miami County, and it’s because Democrats like U.S. Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan delivered these solutions for them. 

Unfortunately, not one Indiana Republican – from the state’s Congressional delegation to even Governor Eric Holcomb – supported the American Rescue Plan. Republicans’ extreme partisanship forced them to say “NO” to the Rescue Plan, which ultimately provided $250 million in state broadband internet investments, fully-funded Indiana’s public schools, and delivered a pay raise for educators. The Republicans’ never-ending opposition against Democrats is partisanship at its worst and does nothing but hold Hoosiers back from reaching better opportunities.

Indiana Democrats will continue to deliver for Hoosier families by supporting and championing President Biden’s upcoming Build Back Better agenda that’s scheduled to be approved soon in Congress. 

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Kokomo Tribune: Miami County approves $5.7M in ARP funds for projects

The Miami County Council last week approved $5.7 million in American Rescue Plan funding for seven projects, including demolishing the old county jail and completing major drainage projects.

The largest amount of funding will go toward the six drainage projects. The council approved $1.3 million to replace tile on four properties and a bad drainage outlet on another. The money will also pay to remove brush and trash from 14,000 feet of Big Pipe Creek running into Amboy. […]

Another $300,000 will be used to fix and upgrade the Courthouse’s HVAC system, which is over 25 years old. Brown said an engineering company recommended they immediately replace the chillers, and consider replacing the entire HVAC system within five years.

To save money in the county’s economic development income tax fund, the council instead approved using $1.2 million in ARP funds rather than CEDIT funds to pay its pledge toward building the new Miami County YMCA.

Other ARP funding includes $63,000 to pay for a health survey looking into underserved and unmet health needs of the community; $9,800 for a courthouse renovation study; and $30,000 to help pay for various items at the new health department and morgue facility.

The appropriations last week come after the county approved $1.4 million in ARP money earlier this year to expand the county’s broadband internet. Brown said the county will soon put out project details and open it up for bidding.


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