American Rescue Plan Delivers for Indiana Business Community Despite INGOP’s “NO”


Indiana business owner on the American Rescue Plan: “It was a huge shot in the arm” 

Every single Indiana Republican said “NO” to the Rescue Plan 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated how President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan continues to deliver for the Hoosier State. This time, Indiana’s business community received a “huge shot in the arm” to manage revenue shortfalls occurring during COVID-19 pandemic. The Rescue Plan and support from Indiana Democrats like U.S. Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan delivered this relief and opportunity to all 92 counties across the state. Further, the Rescue Plan and the upcoming American Jobs Plan continues to show Hoosiers that it is the Democrats who are creating a better future for their families and the communities they call home. 

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Indiana Republican Party. Every single Indiana Republican in the state’s Congressional delegation voted “NO” on protecting the state’s small businesses, investing $250 million in broadband internet, and delivering COVID-19 vaccines in arms. In fact, the INGOP’s extreme partisanship has created an “F” workforce and a “D+” ranked education system across Indiana. Hoosier families are worse off under the Indiana Republican Party’s tenure, and it’s because the Republicans’ extreme partisanship does nothing but diminish Indiana’s future. 

Learn more about how the American Rescue Plan saved Indiana’s business community here: 

City of Muncie provides aid to 43 local restaurants still reeling from pandemic

Muncie Star Press // David Penticuff

“Forty-three local restaurant owners have gotten aid from the City of Muncie in response to the pandemic as $3.11 million set aside for small businesses and restaurants is being distributed from federal American Rescue Plan money.” […]

“Muncie Mayor Dan Ridenour said there were far more applications for ARP money than there was money to distribute…” […]

“The Muncie restaurants that received help include: Sea Salt & Cinnamon, Elm Street Brewing Company, Roots, Mulligans, La Hacienda, Yats, Vera Mae’s Bistro, 12th Street Café, Frozen Boulder, the Caffeinery, Twin Archer Brewpub , Dumpling House, Red Apple Cafe, GGs, Queer Chocolatier, Mac’s on Batavia, Jimmy John’s on Martin Street, Guardian Brewery, The Downtown Farm Stand, A-Team Concessions, Pita Pit, Thai Smile, Momma Bond’s Soul Food, By Hand & Fork, Big Shots, Mancino’s, Salsa’s Mexican Grill Express, Pizza King McGalliard Store 10, Timbers Lounge, Brothers Bar and Grill, The Island, Barking Cow, Be Here Now, HotBox Pizza, Pizza King May Street Store #4, Victor’s Gyros and Pancake House, MCL Cafeteria, The Cup, Yummy Grill and Buffet, Thai Kitchen, Rosebud Coffee House, Buttonhole and Baskin-Robbins.

“It was a huge shot in the arm,” said Kent Shuff, co-owner of Vera Mae’s downtown.

Before the pandemic hit he was planning to replace and upgrade kitchen equipment. Once COVID-19 hit, money for that was used to weather the shutdown and related business pain. The $30,000 from the city will now be invested in the kitchen.” […]

“There will be another round of help for small businesses and restaurants, Ridenour said. Muncie has $894,513 left that the selection committees should distribute through another application process with details available before the end of the year.” […]

“Other ARP committees, including one making relief available to nonprofit organizations, are still at work, he said.”


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