American Rescue Plan Delivers for Indiana’s Veterans in Floyd County, While Marine Todd Young Voted “NO”


New Albany News & Tribune: Local veterans program, Liberty Place, receives $50,000 ARP grant

ICYMI: Marine Todd Young and the Indiana Republican Party opposed the American Rescue Plan

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the brighter future the American Rescue Plan is creating for the state’s veterans community. This week, the New Albany Redevelopment Commission announced it awarded $50,000 of American Rescue Plan dollars to Liberty Place, a veterans program which provides shelter for homeless veterans and helps them transition back to a sustainable future. Homeless Hoosiers who protected our nation’s freedoms could now get a fresh start because Democrats stood by them when it mattered most. 

The same cannot be said for Republicans like Marine Todd Young who flat out voted “NO” on this investment to support Indiana’s veterans. In fact, Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer called projects – like the Liberty Place – “socialism” and claimed their opposition to these investments were a “great campaign to run on”. Democrats will highlight the Indiana GOP’s “NO” record throughout the 2022 campaign year and beyond. Voters will learn that while Democrats delivered Indiana’s bright economic future, Republicans like U.S. Senator Todd Young – a former Marine – divided communities with senseless and divisive culture wars. 

Here’s a look at how the American Rescue Plan continues to deliver for the Hoosier State:: 

New Albany News & Tribune: Local veterans program, Liberty Place, receives $50,000 ARP grant

Supporting a local veteran program encompasses both the city’s and the American Rescue Plan’s missions, according to New Albany Redevelopment Commission member Adam Dickey.

Kaiser Home Support Services’ veteran program, Liberty Place, will receive a $50,000 grant from the ARP fund to continue providing their services. The transitional living facility is aimed at helping veterans in the community who are experiencing homelessness. […]

Economic Development and Redevelopment Director Josh Staten said that the organization can use the grant for a variety of needs, from supplies to case management.

“We’ll work with them on everything that they would like to use that grant for in order to make sure one, that it complies with all the ARPA guidelines but two, that it… gives them the ability to do their job the best they can,” Staten said.

Dickey said at the redevelopment commission meeting on Tuesday that this grant is a great way to couple the mission of serving veterans and helping those who have been impacted by COVID-19.

“When I see a proposal like this come forward, I think it illustrates us as a city not only doing our due diligence to meet the rescue need, but also to put in place programs that help a very valued part of our community,” he said.

Dickey and commissioner president Irving Joshua both said that in the past they feel like veterans have been underserved. […]

The commission voted unanimously to provide Liberty Place with the grant.


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