American Rescue Plan Delivers New Water and Sewer Lines in Hamilton County, Will Spur Economic Growth


GOP Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt on the Democrats’ investment: “this is a great opportunity” 

Local GOP supports Democrats’ economic agenda while INGOP Chair Hupfer and Congresswoman Victoria Spartz call these investments “socialism” 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the brighter future the American Rescue Plan is STILL creating for Indiana’s economy. This time, the Rescue Plan is creating new water and sewer lines in northern Hamilton County. The investment will create economic opportunity in the Bakers Corner community, and as Republican County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt even said, this “great opportunity” will help the environment and set the area up for other essential utility services – like broadband. 

Simply put: Indiana Democrats like André Carson and Frank Mrvan delivered these investments to Hoosiers when it mattered most. 

While Commissioner Heirbrandt celebrated the American Rescue Plan, the rest of his Indiana Republican Party said “NO”. Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer and Congresswoman Victoria Spartz have both called this project “socialism” – claiming the Republicans’ opposition was a “great campaign to run on”. The Indiana GOP’s opposition to the kitchen-table issues is another reminder they have no plan for Indiana’s future – just abiding by an extremist agenda. 

Here’s a look at how the American Rescue Plan continues to deliver for Hamilton County: 

IndyStar: Utility hook-up will prime U.S. 31 in northern Hamilton County for development

Hamilton County will invest $45 million to bring water and sewer lines to the U.S. 31 corridor as work begins to make the road an expressway through the northern end.

Officials said utilities will allow developers to build houses and businesses in the rural stretch much cheaper, which should keep costs lower for consumers when the Indiana Department of Transportation builds expressway-style interchanges at 236th and 276th streets.

County Councilor Ken Alexander said there was “huge demand” for development in the area, especially in Westfield and Sheridan.

“This is something we can do to spur growth in an area that does not have utilities now,” Alexander said. “Without them it is an expensive return on investments.”

County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt estimated the city will make its money back in utility rates when about 1,000 homes are built in the area known as “Baker’s Corner.” He said several developers have expressed interest it the area. […]

In addition, the county has an unexpected source of funds this year: $65 million American Rescue Plan Act coronavirus relief funds.

The county plans to use $25 million from that fund, issue $10 million in bonds and get $10 million in state dollars to fund the project.

“I’m always encouraging utilities up there and all of a sudden, we find ourselves with this ARPA money, so this is a great opportunity,” Heirbrandt said.

The COVID relief dollars can be used to support public health and invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure.

Heirbrandt said switching to sewer will be better for the environment than septic systems, and workers can simultaneously install fiber optic lines to bring broadband to the area.


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