American Rescue Plan Expands Low-Income Housing in Hamilton County


IndyStar: Hamilton County directs $5M to affordable housing from COVID relief funds

ICYMI: Victoria Spartz and the Indiana Republican Party opposed the American Rescue Plan

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the brighter future the American Rescue Plan is creating in Hamilton County. This time, the Hamilton County Commission and County Council approved a $5 million project that would expand affordable housing for low-income Hoosiers. According to Hamilton County Association of Neighborhood Development (HAND), about 38-percent of renters and 14-percent of homeowners in Hamilton County use more than 30-percent of their paychecks for housing, and thanks to the American Rescue Plan, low-income families will have greater access to affordable housing in the communities they call home. 

It’s worth remembering: Indiana Democrats like U.S. Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan delivered this kitchen-table issue for Hamilton County. Democrats stood by Hoosiers when it mattered most, and now families have a brighter future ahead.

The same cannot be said for Republicans like Victoria Spartz who flat out voted “NO” on this investment. In fact, Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer called projects – like housing for low-income Hoosiers – “socialism” and claimed their opposition to these projects were a “great campaign to run on”. Democrats will highlight the Indiana GOP’s “NO” record throughout the 2022 campaign year and beyond. Voters will learn that while Democrats delivered Indiana’s bright economic future, Republicans in Congress and at the statehouse divided communities with senseless and divisive culture wars. 

Here’s a look at how the American Rescue Plan continues to deliver for Hamilton County: 

IndyStar: Hamilton County directs $5M to affordable housing from COVID relief funds

Hamilton County lawmakers have made the first financial commitment to an affordable housing coalition seeking $51 million in local assistance.

The county commission and county council approved $5 million in American Rescue Plan Act COVID relief funds for projects that address a shortage of housing for low and middle-income residents. […]

Hamilton County has $65 million in coronavirus relief funds and they will be allocated when the coalition presents specific projects. […]

In Hamilton County, 38% of renters and 14% of homeowners spend more than 30% of their income on housing, with a sizable portion spending more than 50 percent, according to HAND.


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