American Rescue Plan, Sue Errington Delivers $2.65 Million for Street, Sidewalk Investments for Muncie Community


Muncie Star Press: Muncie lands share of READI grant money for McKinley, Whitely neighborhoods

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated how President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan is *still* delivering for Hoosiers across Indiana. Thanks to the state’s READI program – which is fully-funded by the Rescue Plan – Muncie will receive about $2.65 million to help improve streets, sidewalks, and intersections close to the Muncie Central High School. The funding will also offer homeowners reimbursement grants the opportunity to demolish rundown homes in the community. Muncie has a better future ahead, and it’s because Democrats like André Carson, Frank Mrvan, and Sue Errington delivered when it mattered most. 

In contrast, the Indiana Republican Party – including U.S. Congresswoman Victoria Spartz – said “NO” to this brighter future. Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer called this project “socialism” – claiming the Republicans’ opposition was a “great campaign to run on”. The Indiana GOP’s opposition to the kitchen-table issues is another reminder they have no plan for Indiana’s future – just abiding by an extremist agenda. 

Here’s a look at how the American Rescue Plan continues to deliver for the Hoosier State:

Muncie Star Press: Muncie lands share of READI grant money for McKinley, Whitely neighborhoods

“The city’s initial share of the $15 million in READI grant money awarded to East Central Indiana has been dedicated to projects in the Muncie Central High School area, the nearby McKinley Live-Learn Neighborhood and the Whitely Neighborhood on the east side.

Mayor Dan Ridenour’s administration recently announced $2.65 million of the $15 million that the state approved for the East Central Indiana Regional partnership is being devoted to projects improving streets, sidewalks and the intersection of Walnut Street and Columbus Avenue at the high school. Trees will be added at the intersection and crosswalk improvements will be made.

The grant also will pay for demolition of sub-standard houses and offers a homeowner reimbursement grant in both McKinley and Whitely neighborhoods, according to administration spokesperson Michele Owen.” […]

“Late last year the state announced its allocation of half-a-billion dollars on 17 regions in the state through the competitive READI grant program. The eight-county East Central partnership garnered $15 million for its proposal, while some other regions won $50 million or $30 million amounts to be matched with private and other dollars. Smaller regions also received $15 million and a single-county entrant was awarded $5 million.

The READI fund, passed by the General Assembly in the 2021 session, uses federal American Rescue Plan monies. The East Central Indiana Regional Partnership includes Blackford, Delaware, Fayette, Grant, Jay, Henry, Randolph and Wayne counties.

Following the grant awards, the READI Governing Body, which consists of two representatives from each participating county, began to prioritize projects based on the $15 million allocation, according to a partnership statement.”


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