American Rescue Plan’s Impact “Historical”, “Transformative” For Indiana and Its Families


IndyStar: “More than a third of [the City’s Rescue Plan] funding will support a three-year anti-violence plan to the tune of $150 million.”

NWI Times: Broadband expansion hailed as ‘transformative’

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the continued impact President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan is having on Indiana and its families since being signed into law in March. Hoosiers learned more about the Rescue Plan’s $250 million investment in broadband expansion projects across Indiana this week – with some calling the funding “transformative” for our families. Further, the City of Indianapolis announced a “major opportunity” to direct $150 million of the Rescue Plan’s funding to help fight crime across the city – proving once more Indiana Democrats support and value law enforcement. 

The Indiana Democratic Party made a promise to deliver solutions to some of today’s toughest problems – and that success is creating a better future for Hoosier families. From broadband to law enforcement investments and even with the upcoming American Jobs Plan, Democrats are putting partisanship aside and getting things done for Indiana and its communities. 

In contrast, Indiana Republicans have prioritized a form of extreme partisanship that does nothing but divide Hoosiers across the state. Every one of Indiana’s Congressional Republicans voted to defund the police by saying “NO” to the American Rescue Plan. And so far, U.S. Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun have voted “NO” on the American Jobs Plan and the opportunity to revitalize Indiana’s infrastructure system for a generation. Their “NO” votes once again reveal an Indiana Republican Party without an identity, Plan, or vision for Hoosier families. 

Here’s a look at the American Rescue Plan’s continued impact on Indiana: 

NWI Times: Broadband expansion hailed as ‘transformative’

The Digital Crossroad Fiber Network along the Indiana Toll Road is being hailed as a “transformative” expansion of broadband that could boost economic development, increase internet speeds and expand high-speed internet access across northern Indiana.

Economic development officials will be able to tout the new infrastructure as a selling point, said Tom Dakich, managing partner for Digital Crossroad on Hammond’s lakefront.

“You’ll be able to say to somebody, ‘come to Lake County and we can give you access to better internet, quicker internet, more broadband,'” he said. “The internet is going to be quicker and stronger and better. Don’t underestimate how important this could be when you go out and talk to people about it, how transformative this can be. Can I tell you if the biggest cryptocurrency company in the world is going to come here? No. But go talk to them.'” […]

“In the last legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly invested an additional $250 million to continue to expand broadband across the state.” 

IndyStar: Here’s how Indianapolis will spend $419M in federal relief money

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett introduced a historical amount of direct federal funding for the city on Monday night as his administration unveiled a 2022 budget, a $419 million infusion that will most notably boost public safety efforts as the city grapples with record-breaking homicides.

Next year marks a critical juncture for the city: the beginning of a massive three-year spending plan that uses the federal dollars from the American Rescue Plan.

Beyond the regular budget, the American Rescue Plan offers a major opportunity for Indianapolis.

The funding is meant to help cities nationwide recover from the pandemic, allowing them to use the money to directly replace lost revenue from the economic downturn. But Indianapolis officials, noting the city’s financial stability, plan to use it to initiate or boost a number of programs — setting aside only $105 million in case of a revenue shortfall.

More than a third of that funding will support a three-year anti-violence plan to the tune of $150 million.” 


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