Anti-Social Security Congressman Young Propped Up by Anti-Social Security AFP


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party issued the following statement in response to the news that “Americans for Prosperity,” an arm of the Koch Brothers’ political operation, would be campaigning against Evan Bayh in Indiana.

“Congressman Todd Young called social security a “Ponzi Scheme,” so it’s no surprise that he is getting more dark money help from the Kochs, who think it’s a ‘pyramid scheme,’” said John Zody, chairman. “Hoosiers will see right through AFP’s falsehoods on behalf of their pawn Congressman Todd Young. Evan Bayh is the only candidate committed to protecting seniors and all Hoosiers while Congressman Young’s destructive policies would take away retirement benefits from hardworking Hoosiers.”

While in Washington, Congressman Todd Young supported slashing social security benefits at the expense of 800,000 Hoosiers, and put the special interests of Wall Street ahead of Indiana. Evan Bayh in contrast fought to protect Hoosiers by voting to tighten regulations on banks, save taxpayer money, and safeguard Social Security.

As Congressman Young continues to be a mouthpiece for the Koch brothers, it’s clear that Washington special interests are trying desperately to buy Indiana’s Senate race, but Hoosiers won’t accept these false attacks.


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