Art of the flip-flop: SotS Holcomb disappointed with ‘disappointed’ Holcomb 


Gov’s employment policy and hate crimes position don’t match

INDIANAPOLIS – At the rostrum ahead of the 2019 legislative session, Governor Eric Holcomb told lawmakers he wanted to see a state hate crimes law mirror his administration’s employment policy – which lists out age, sex, and gender identity.

But yesterday, Holcomb said he was ‘disappointed’ with advocates who were unhappy the hate crimes legislation he’s backing (maybe?) doesn’t include a full list of victim attributes – like his employment policy. 

It’s just the latest glaring example of the first-term governor’s elastic position, underscoring Holcomb’s inability to move lawmakers to his position and naked desire to declare any victory, however hollow.

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called out Holcomb’s flip-flop and ineffective leadership.

“Nailing down Holcomb’s position on hate crimes is like pushing on a string, it can’t be done,” said Zody. “If you think Holcomb looks less like an effective leader and more like a politician evading responsibility, you’re not wrong.”


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