As Curtis Hill’s lawyers suggest his four accusers aren’t credible, it seems Rep. Braun still agrees


INDIANAPOLIS – Curtis Hill’s lawyers launched new attacks this week against the four women who spurred an investigation into allegations that he groped them. Yet despite widespread support from both parties for the women who’ve come forward, Rep. Braun still appears to believe that Hill is the only one whose recollections are valid.

Hill’s legal team held a press conference Wednesday to further undermine the investigation into the allegations from four women that Hill groped them at a party in March. The attorneys specifically targeted what they claim are “inconsistencies” in the four women’s accounts between the initial confidential reports and their public recounting, according to reporting from the Indy Star.

By all reports, the press conference was an escalation of Hill’s attacks against his accusers. While several GOP leaders have made clear they believe the women and have spoken up in their defense, however, Rep. Braun has failed to do so for over a week. In a bizarre interview last Tuesday with conservative radio host Tony Katz on WIBC, he claimed that Hill’s choice to resign was a “personal decision” and made clear he does not believe the women’s accounts are believable, saying that “only Curtis knows [if these allegations are true] himself.”

His campaign felt a need to clean up the interview that IN Focus later described as “muddled” by clarifying in a statement just hours later that Rep. Braun believed Hill should step down. But it still has yet to state if Rep. Braun believes the women, or just the embattled Attorney General.

“Curtis Hill and his legal team seem to believe he can escape further punishment by attacking the women brave enough to speak out publicly, and as it stands, they still have an ally in Rep. Braun,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “While many leaders in both parties have been swift to voice their support for the women who have come forward to tell their stories, Rep. Braun’s continued failure to correct the rest of his remarks in last week’s interview is truly shameful.”


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