As Rep. Braun and Richard Moss hit the campaign trail, they can bond over the white supremacist they’ve both employed


INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun is set to campaign on Saturday with 8th District congressional candidate Richard Moss, and the two share more in common then they’d like you to know: both men hired the same white nationalist leader, Caleb Shumaker.

Last week, the Tri State Homepage reported that Caleb Shumaker, a former employee for Rep. Braun’s campaign, is still working in Indiana Republican politics, this time with Richard Moss, a congressional candidate in Indiana’s 8th District who’s mounting a primary challenge against incumbent Republican Congressman Larry Bucshon.

Shumaker’s ties to Rep. Braun first came to light late last year after reports had surfaced that then-staffer for the Braun campaign was the former chairman of the National Youth Front, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled a white nationalist group. Rep. Braun’s campaign claimed to have fired Shumaker last year after news broke. However, Shumaker claimed Rep. Braun’s campaign knew about his history when they hired him, denied being fired and instead said that he “resigned from that campaign to start a [political action committee]. This whole idea of he fired me is completely false.”

“Rep. Braun’s decision to campaign with the challenger to a sitting Republican Congressman had already raised questions about whether he’s interested in playing nice with the Indiana GOP, but his decision to campaign with the one candidate this cycle who has relied on the same white nationalist Rep. Braun did raises a completely different set of questions,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Rep. Braun claimed he was unwilling to keep a white supremacist on his campaign, so why is he willing to campaign with a candidate who relies on that same man? Maybe this is just another unforced error from a campaign that’s made plenty of them, or maybe there’s a reason Rep. Braun repeatedly finds himself in the company of a white supremacist.”


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