As Rep. Braun gets ready to debate, don’t forget that even Republicans have said he “makes it up”


Just like Luke Messer had warned in the primary, Rep. Braun lies about his own record and policy positions

INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers tuning into tonight’s Senate debate shouldn’t expect to hear anything but the same old lies from Rep. Braun, who has proven time and again that he’s willing to lie about his record, to the point that even his fellow Republicans say he told them said he “makes it up.”

Rep. Braun’s lies and hypocrisies will be on full display at tonight’s first debate as he tries to defend against his horrible record. From his reliance on Chinese auto parts while claiming that he had “no Chinese suppliers” to lying about supporting protections for Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions despite supporting every policy to rip them away, to simply making up his own fundraising numbers, it’s clear that Rep. Braun has never found a lie he couldn’t tell to Hoosiers.

While Rep. Braun’s continued belief that he can lie and get away with it may be striking, it’s not a new development. During the GOP primary, Congressman Messer even called out Rep. Braun on the debate stage, recalling a time he confronted Rep. Braun about the “many of his lies in his campaign” about Messer’s record. According to Messer, Rep. Braun apparently responded by admitting he was a liar, stating, “You know what Luke? In this game, everybody makes it up.”

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“Hoosiers watching tonight’s Senate debate are looking for someone who’ll give it to them straight, not someone who thinks they can get away with ‘making it up’ at every moment. But instead, they’re likely to get the same tired lies Rep. Braun has been feeding Hoosiers since the start of his campaign,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Whether it’s his reliance on Chinese manufacturing or false promises on pre-existing conditions, tonight is just another moment where Rep. Braun would rather lie to the folks he wants to represent than come up with real solutions for Indiana.”


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