At Jobs Fair, Will Jackie Walorski Condemn Donald Trump’s Attack on Hoosiers?


INDIANAPOLIS – Congresswoman Jackie Walorski today is expected to host a jobs fair at Bethel College. Will this be the time where she finally condemns Donald Trump for attacking a Hoosier? Recently, Donald Trump not only called a federal judge corrupt, but he then racially profiled him by using “Mexican” as a derogatory term in his attack. But the fact is, Judge Gonzalo Curiel was born in East Chicago, went to Indiana University, and is a Hoosier.

“From attacking Hoosiers to saying hateful and sexists things about women, Donald Trump is running a campaign that’s toxic and could put the nation and its well-being in jeopardy,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Jackie Walorski has said she would support him as the presumptive Republican nominee – so does this mean she supports Trump’s attack on a Hoosier? How far will Trump have to go before the congresswoman uses some Hoosier Commonsense and condemns this irrational, divisive behavior?”

Donald Trump’s explosive, divisive message is dividing the nation and could put the well-being of the nation in jeopardy. Hoosiers have witnessed first-hand how an out-of-touch agenda could damage an economy and a state’s reputation – through Governor Mike Pence.

When will Jackie Walorski condemn Donald Trump and his campaign? Hoosiers deserve to know where they stand on Trump’s tone deaf attack.


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