Attention Kyle Hupfer: The Indiana GOP Has No Plan for State’s Future – Just Partisanship


KPC News: “Like Holcomb, [INGOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer] seems to wish “culture wars” would just go away.” 

Indiana GOP’s 2022 accomplishments: Attacking children, disrespecting police, politicizing education

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today chuckled at Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer’s call for party unity ahead of the 2022 state and federal elections. During a recent dinner in Northeast Indiana, Hupfer appeared to “wish” his Indiana Republican Party’s culture wars would “just go away” as he “lectured against” intraparty bickering such as “using the term ‘RINO’”. 

Hupfer apparently has ignored the news in the last year and a half, because the Indiana GOP has either participated in public infighting, wasted taxpayer dollars for partisan family trips, or used the recent legislative session to attack our children, disrespect our police, politicize our education system

Earth to Kyle Hupfer: The Indiana GOP is the Culture War Party. It has no plan for Indiana’s future – just partisanship. 

In contrast, Indiana Democrats are hard at work creating a brighter future for Hoosier families. With the American Rescue Plan and The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (The Jobs Act), André Carson, Frank Mrvan, and Democrats at the statehouse are creating good-paying jobs, producing economic development opportunities, supporting Indiana’s law enforcement, funding public education at levels not seen in a decade, providing educators an overdue pay raise, expanding broadband access, and revitalizing the state’s infrastructure systems. 

Democrats are delivering the kitchen-table issues that matter most to voters. The Indiana GOP: no plans – just partisanship. 

SHOT: KPC News: Hoosier GOP chief sidesteps ‘culture wars’

Keynote speaker Kyle Hupfer gave an address urging Republicans to be sweeter to each other. […]

Like Holcomb, he seems to wish “culture wars” would just go away. You might have noticed that our governor never winds up on the national news for saying something outrageous.

What’s more, Hupfer wants Republicans to stop yelling at each other. […]

He lectured against using the term “RINO” (Republican in Name Only) as an insult to Republicans who aren’t sufficiently pure. […]

Hupfer encouraged Republicans to drop all the negativity … speak with optimism instead of mean tweets … stop tearing people down and start building them up.

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