AWKWARD: Mike Pence Holds Event in Carmel, a City Giving Protections to LGBT Hoosiers.


WIBC: Pence cannot give “yes” or “no” answer on if he’d sign into law the “four words and a comma” legislation to protect LGBT Hoosiers

Does Pence understand the economic value for a city (and state) to provide equal protections for ALL Hoosiers?

INDIANAPOLIS – As Mike Pence travels to Carmel this morning for an economic event, his visit might be a little awkward. Last year, Carmel passed an ordinance barring any form of discrimination against the LGBT community. Mike Pence? After 174 days of “studying” the issue, Pence chose to continue his longstanding discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers.

Does Mike Pence understand that in order for a city to be successful, it must create an open and welcoming environment for everyone? This includes businesses large and small and everyday Hoosiers.

“It’s baffling how delusional Mike Pence is on ‘The Golden Rule’ and the commonsense idea to protect all Hoosiers from discrimination. Pence’s claim that there’s no direct correlation between LGBT rights and the Hoosier economy is one from an ideologue – not a governor. When he signed RFRA last year, Mike Pence threw Indiana directly into a $250 million economic panic,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Mike Pence doesn’t ‘abhor discrimination’ – he actively promotes it, and that is why Indiana’s “Hoosier Hospitality” reputation is in jeopardy. Hoosiers deserve a governor who won’t put their ideology ahead of the state’s overall well-being. That person is John Gregg.”

Hoosiers know they must fire Mike Pence, and it begins by electing John Gregg as Indiana’s next governor. Gregg adamantly supports the “four words and a comma” approach for across the board protections for LGBT Hoosiers, including public accommodations. Further, Gregg would make all decisions in the best interest of restoring and protecting Indiana’s “Hoosier Hospitality” image while also improving the Hoosier economy.


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