Awkward: Trump Supporters Reps. Young & Brooks Campaign Alongside Trump Disowner Sen. Cory Gardner


While Young & Brooks Stand by Trump After Grotesque Videos, Sen. Gardner Rescinded his Support

INDIANAPOLIS — Tonight, committed Donald Trump supporters Congressman Todd Young and Congresswoman Susan Brooks are hosting a Carmel fundraiser alongside U.S. Senator Cory Gardner – who renounced his support for the presidential nominee on Saturday.

After the tapes of Donald Trump condoning sexual assault were released on Friday night, Republicans from across the nation, including Senator Gardner, quickly rescinded their support. But not U.S. Representatives Young or Brooks. Congressman Young first announced that he was giving “serious consideration” to Trump’s disgusting comments, then after days of hiding, he reiterated his plans to vote for Trump to the Washington Post on Monday. Congresswoman Brooks has also declined to take back her support of a man who has long disparaged women, veterans, immigrants, and a Hoosier federal judge.

Their disparate reactions to Trump’s indefensible rhetoric should make tonight an awkward one between Sen. Gardner and Reps. Young and Brooks.

“Tonight, Hoosiers will see one member of Congress who used Hoosier Common Sense and stood up to Donald Trump’s reprehensible remarks, but unfortunately it won’t be Hoosiers Todd Young or Susan Brooks,” said John Zody, Chairman. “While Senator Gardner refused to support Trump after it was revealed he bragged about committing sexual assault, Young and Brooks have decided to put their agendas ahead of Hoosiers. We deserve better than politicians who time and again put party over country.”


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