Back in Washington again, Rep. Braun has held more D.C. fundraisers than public in-state events since May primary


Today’s fundraiser is the seventh D.C. finance event Hoosiers are aware of since May 8 primary

INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun is back in the swamp today for another fundraiser with the special interest donors whom he seems to prefer to Hoosiers, as he’s held more fundraisers in Washington than public events in Indiana since he won the May 8 primary.

Rep. Braun is holding a fundraising dinner this evening in Washington, D.C. alongside Senator Todd Young at The Source, a swanky Washington restaurant. The dinner is at least the seventh finance event Rep. Braun has held in Washington since he became the Republican nominee, often relying on establishment politicians like Mitch McConnell. It’s likely that the number of D.C. events Rep. Braun has held is even higher, as that tally is only based off of publicly known or reported events.

Rep. Braun seems to prize his new Washington connections over building a connection to Hoosier voters, as he’s held more D.C. finance events since the primary than public events in Indiana. A glance at news reports and Rep. Braun’s social media reveal that he’s held only six public appearances in Indiana in that same time– one fewer than in Washington, if not more.

Rep. Braun’s new emphasis on events in Washington over Indiana and his courtship of Mitch McConnell stand in stark contrast to his previous “outsider” act. Rep. Braun touted throughout the primary that he was self-funding his campaign as a way to suggest he wouldn’t be beholden to Washington donors. Now the GOP nominee, Rep. Braun is referring to his primary campaign self-funding as a “loan” and actively soliciting donations from the same special interests he once attacked not just to fund his campaign but to repay him for the millions he spent.

“Where a candidate campaigns says a lot about his priorities, and holding more events in Washington than in Indiana tells Hoosiers exactly where Rep. Braun’s loyalties lie. Each time Rep. Braun goes to Washington, he shows he’s more interested in what Mitch McConnell thinks than what Hoosiers do,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “There’s no reason for Hoosiers to believe that Rep. Braun would be accountable to them when he seems to believe there are more votes for him in Washington, D.C. than in Washington, Indiana.”


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