Back to the future: GOP slow-walk independent redistricting, claim a need for ‘study’


Disregard 2016 recommendations from 2-year, bipartisan study committee on independent redistricting

INDIANAPOLIS – Statehouse Republicans appear to be suffering from a case of selective memory on redistricting. It’s the only explanation for their sudden U-turn on reform, claiming the issue needs more study. They seem to have forgotten less than two years ago, the Legislature wrapped up two years of study on the issue with bipartisan recommendations to create a nine-member independent commission. Let’s go back to the future, October 2016.

From The Times of Northwest Indiana Indiana Panel recommends Indiana reform redistricting process

“A nine-member Indiana redistricting commission, instead of the General Assembly, should direct how congressional and legislative district boundaries are drawn.

“That’s the recommendation issued Monday by a state study committee that’s spent the past two years reviewing the uses and abuses of legislative redistricting in Indiana, and across the country.

“In fact, the three current or former Republican senators on the study committee all voted against the plan, while the other eight committee members supported it.”

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called Statehouse Republicans’ intent like it is, a naked attempt run out the clock on reform.

“Statehouse Republicans in the Senate are desperately trying to preserve their ability to rig elections in their favor,” said Zody. “They’re so desperate, they’ll waste taxpayer dollars to run the same study twice to block progress on an independent redistricting commission. Hoosier voters deserve fair elections and for their voice, and vote, to count.”


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