Bosma called their actions ‘criminal’ but took their campaign cash


Zody calls on Bosma to donate tainted contributions

INDIANAPOLIS – Speaker Brian Bosma was quick to call the burgeoning scandal surrounding online charter schools ‘criminal’. But the Speaker himself was happy to personally collect $10,000 in campaign contributions from entities tied to the scandal and the House Republican Campaign Committee he heads accepted another $10,000 from the same donors. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called on Bosma to donate the $20,000 in tainted contributions to the Beech Grove and Lawrence Township Educational Foundations.

“He called their actions criminal, but Brian Bosma gleefully accepted their tainted campaign cash,” said Zody. “Now that he’s aware he pocketed donations from entities that siphoned millions from Hoosier taxpayers, Bosma needs to do the right thing and jettison the money.”

Current or former elected Indiana Republicans and their associated campaign committees received more than $100,000 in contributions from companies and individuals tied to the scandal. Republicans failed to schedule a summer study committee in 2019 after Statehouse Democrats pushed for more oversight. Zody believed the appearance of pay to play is par for the course after nearly a decade of complete Republican control.  

“It’s twofaced to decry their actions while keeping their campaign cash,” said Zody. “It’s just politics as usual for Indiana Republicans to push policy that benefits their deep-pocketed donors.”

Brian Bosma resides in Lawrence Township and attended Beech Grove High School. The Lawrence Township Education Foundation (LTEF) was created to be a bridge between their community and their public schools- to encourage private philanthropy to enhance public education for students at all levels. The mission of the Beech Grove Education Foundation is to promote community support for excellence in education, and to provide the resources for new projects and creative approaches for existing programs, in order to prepare students to successfully meet the challenges of the future.

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