BOSMA: There’s something wrong systemically


GOP leaders acknowledge child welfare crisis, reveal no plan to address it

INDIANAPOLIS – In a rare confession, Statehouse Republicans recognized just how bad the child welfare crisis is in Indiana.

From Indianapolis Star: ‘There’s something wrong’: Lawmakers express concern over number of kids in DCS system

“There’s something wrong systemically,” House Speaker Brian Bosma said Wednesday.

“Indiana had 29,315 children in foster care during fiscal year 2016, according to federal data from the Administration for Children and Families. During that same time period, there were 23,646 children in care in Ohio; 19,998 in Illinois; 18,194 in Michigan and 13,016 in Kentucky.”

While admitting a problem is a good first step, accountable leaders have a vision and a plan. And while Governor Holcomb provided assurances that “there’s no one who cares more about Hoosier children than I do”, he offered little in the way of action.

Putting aside the deepening crisis at the Department of Child Services and Holcomb’s nominal offer to provide “progress reports”, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody questioned how Indiana Republicans intend to right the systemic issues the Speaker describes.

“The data are undeniable,” said Zody. “Our state is in crisis and we’re teetering on the edge of a lost generation of Hoosier children if Republicans don’t act. This isn’t new or partisan, Republican leaders themselves acknowledge the enormity of this crisis. But that’s where Republicans’ evangelism ends. They have no plan or vision to correct a tailspin that has deep economic consequences for families. Why are Governor Holcomb and Statehouse Republicans failing to take any action this session? What are they waiting for?”


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