BREAKING: Congressman Young Refuses to Stand Up to Trump’s “Rigged” Election Claims


Young suggests there could be “psychological rigging” of elections

INDIANAPOLIS – Donald Trump has been slammed by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike for his dangerous suggestion at last night’s debate that he might not accept the results of this year’s election.

But the one person not standing up to Donald Trump? Congressman Todd Young, who couldn’t even tell Politico that Trump’s rhetoric was bad for democracy as he continues to put his political calculations before his principles. Instead, he even suggested that there might be some “psychological rigging of the election.”

Remember, just last week, Congressman Young said that when Trump is wrong, “I would be an independent voice prepared to speak out quite forcefully against him.”

And in one of weakest excuses of this election cycle, Congressman Young even tried to claim he didn’t watch last night’s debate because he was “reading.”

“Congressman Young wants Hoosiers to think he can stand up to Donald Trump, but he can’t even criticize his dangerous comments on the integrity of our elections,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “The only thing Congressman Young was likely ‘reading’ during last night’s debate were his poll numbers, as he continues to make political calculations instead of standing up for Hoosier values and principles.”

Politico: Ernst and Young struggle to account for Trump 

Key Points:

– Republican elected officials like Sen. Joni Ernst and Rep. Todd Young are having a tough time explaining Donald Trump’s statement that he may not accept the results of the presidential election….

– Young suggested Thursday there could be a “psychological rigging of the election,” echoing claims by Trump supporters that the media and pollsters are in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

– Pressed on whether Trump’s rhetoric is bad for Democracy, Young said he would say things “differently” but that “decent people” like Young and his wife are supporting Trump and his vision of change for the country.

– Both said they missed the debate anyway. Ernst said she was flying out to Indiana — and Young said he was reading.


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