BREAKING: GOVERNING Magazine Moves Indiana’s Gov. Race to “Tossup”


BREAKING: GOVERNING Magazine Moves Indiana’s Gov Race to “Tossup”

Mike Pence’s RFRA and out-of-touch ideology proving to have long-term damage to his political future

INDIANAPOLIS – Mike Pence’s election vulnerability continues to slide as GOVERNING Magazine today shifted Indiana’s gubernatorial race to “Tossup” – down one spot from its “Lean” analysis last year. This latest shift is in large part due to the out-of-touch ideology of Mike Pence, who in just one term has double downed on his longstanding discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers and has put Indiana’s “Crossroads of America” in jeopardy.

GOVERNING Magazine moves Indiana’s gov race to “Tossup”

“This analysis should come as no surprise to Hoosiers because they are simply tired of Mike Pence putting his out-of-touch ideology ahead of the overall well-being of the state,” said Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party. “From doubling down on his longstanding discrimination against LGBT Hoosiers to putting Indiana’s proud ‘Crossroads of America’ reputation in jeopardy, Mike Pence is throwing commonsense out the window in favor of a reckless agenda that embarrasses the state and has Hoosiers looking forward to voting him out of office in November 2016.”

Today’s analysis is further proof that Mike Pence’s ideology is having long-term damage to his credibility as governor. A poll released by WISH-TV/Ball State Hoosier Survey last November showed a 15 point drop in Mike Pence’s approval rating. Further, another poll released in June by Republican-leaning Bellwhether Research and Consulting showed 54 percent of Hoosiers thought it was time to give someone else a chance to lead the state of Indiana. And finally, a similar analysis by RollCall’s Rothenberg & Gonzales moved their opinion of Indiana’s governor’s race from “FAVORED to “LEAN”.

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