BREAKING: Indy Star: 70% of Hoosiers support protections for LGBT community


Mike Pence Must Stop “Studying” LGBT Rights and Support Protections for All

Pence believes he’s “calmed the waters” following RFRA this spring

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s official. With today’s Indy Star/Ball State poll showing a whopping 70% of Hoosiers in favor of protections for the LGBT community, Mike Pence has missed the boat as he continues to put his ideology ahead of the overall well-being of Indiana. There’s no sugarcoating this mess as it’s clear Gov. Pence is simply delusional if he believes Indiana’s “Hoosier Hospitality” reputation wasn’t put in jeopardy when he signed RFRA last spring.

“First, he throws Indiana into a $250 million economic panic, and now as 70% of Hoosiers and over 300 businesses in Indiana support across the board protections for the LGBT community, Mike Pence still can’t put his ideology aside and do what’s best for our state. This is the kind of political gaming we see from ideologues – not governors,” said Drew Anderson, communications director of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Mike Pence is not helping lead Indiana into the future, and it’s time Hoosiers have a governor who will bring some Hoosiers Commonsense back to the State of Indiana. Only when we elect John Gregg as governor will we be able to restore Indiana’s ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ reputation.”

As it’s been 148 days since Mike Pence has been “studying” the issue of LGBT rights, Indiana Competes has now doubled its membership to more than 300 businesses and organizations from across Indiana, including Eli Lilly, Cummins, and the NCAA. These businesses have seen and are aware of the long-term effects Mike Pence’s inaction on LGBT rights could have on the Hoosier economy.

But even as a hefty majority of Hoosiers, Indiana’s business community, and even the media call on Mike Pence to embrace LGBT rights for the state, he’s still “studying” the issue and is unwilling to let his ideology go. And Hoosiers need to look no further than this week when Mike Pence said he’s “calmed the waters” following his decision to sign RFRA this spring. Fact is, RFRA has had long-term effects on Indiana, and Mike Pence simply doesn’t know how to be our governor.

Hoosiers need a governor who will unite the State of Indiana and solve today’s problems for them. By electing John Gregg as governor, Hoosiers would be rest assured that Indiana’s coveted “Hoosier Hospitality” reputation will be restored as they will have a leader who will work hard to improve the lives of everyone across the state.


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