By Being “Proud” of Pence’s Record, Would Eric Holcomb Support Appeal of HEA 1337?


Attorney General said state would not yet appeal one of the nation’s most restrictive women’s health bills signed by Governor Mike Pence

INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Holcomb yesterday said he is “proud” of Mike Pence’s record as governor. That said, would Holcomb then advocate for the state to appeal the federal injunction on HEA 1337, one of the most restrictive women’s health bills in the nation?

Under HEA 1337, the state would be granted the ability to intrude on private conversation between Hoosier women and their doctors. HEA 1337 was so severe that even members of Eric Holcomb’s own party voted and spoke out against the bill.

“This year Gov. Mike Pence signed one of the most restrictive women’s health laws in the nation even as members of his own party were against it. Eric Holcomb has said he’s ‘quite proud’ of the governor’s record – so does this mean he supports it and would advocate to reinstate it, even though it puts the health of women and families in danger?” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers are tired of politicians putting their personal ideology ahead of the state’s economic well-being and sticking their noses where they don’t belong. Hoosier Common Sense needs to come back to Indiana, and it begins with John Gregg.”

U.S. Federal Judge Tanya Pratt in June issued a formal injunction against HEA 1337 – preventing it from becoming law in July. This followed what was a closed press, private bill signing ceremony by Mike Pence and another embarrassing public relations nightmare for the state – including a viral social media campaign.

With Eric Holcomb embracing Mike Pence’s record as governor, he must tell Hoosier voters how far his support actually extends on this issue and others. This includes RFRA – which brought an economic panic to the state – and the governor’s choice to decline the $80 million grant for what would have been a statewide Pre-K program.


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