Carpetbagger Tennessee Trey Hitting the Panic Button


Multi-millionaire dumps $250,000 more into attempt to buy a congressional seat

INDIANAPOLIS –  Following the news of yet another poll showing him tied with Shelli Yoder, Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth today dumped another $250,000 of his own cash to pay for more negative TV ads in his desperate attempt to buy Indiana’s 9thCongressional District.

This now brings a grand total of nearly $3.5 million in personal funds that Tennessee Trey has dumped into his carpet-bagging campaign. And it adds to the news that Trey’s father, who is single-handedly funding a Tennessee Super PAC to get Trey elected, also recently added in another $100,000 more himself.

“Tennessee Trey is using dark money to hide from the carpetbagging, entitled candidate he truly is. But the best part is that Hoosiers aren’t buying these fear-mongering attacks either, and they see right through them,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Tennessee Trey is relying on his dad’s money to hide from the fact that he won’t release his tax returns and that he couldn’t care less about Hoosier values. He has already shown who he cares about most in this race, and it’s not Hoosiers in Indiana’s Ninth District. Tennessee Trey only cares about himself.”

With all this money, Tennessee Trey should have some showing of support in Indiana, right? But according to the FEC, Trey had only 40 individual donors since July, only 33 of whom were Hoosiers. This is why Trey resorted to a carpetbagging campaign that aims to mislead voters over his real motivations in this race.


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