Chairman Zody’s Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order Concerning Refugees


Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody released the following statement tonight in response to President Donald Trump’s executive order concerning refugees:

“I’ve just finished putting my young daughter to bed – catching up on the news of today and wondering into what future the Trump-Pence Administration is leading this country. They’re just six days in and have proven that they’re not only willing to trample on the rights of voters, women and our most vulnerable – but now they are intent on breaking down the very spirit of our welcoming tradition. To single out people – refugees – based on their country of origin or their religion is both wrong and un–American. I don’t know how any parent can not be impacted by the horrific images of the Syrian toddler laying on a beach, or another boy sitting, injured, awaiting medical attention. I, for one, will not be silent as this administration bullies our nation into a future of fear and telling others around the world that America is not at all what it they think it is. While I am thankful for the stay issued by a court tonight – we must continue to be vigilant. I will join others to #Resist, because I refuse to let my daughter grow up in a world where we are left wondering what our future will be.”

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