CNBC Annual Report puts Indiana Behind on Workforce, Quality of Life Measurements


INDIANAPOLIS — CNBC recently released its annual report entitled Top States for Business 2023, in which Indiana was rated far behind on measures of quality of life and workforce development. In an article attached to the rankings, Indiana was also named the 7th worst state to live and work in the United States.

As the party focused on success for all Hoosiers, we took a closer look at Indiana’s score breakdown. In doing so, we discovered numerous areas of concern that should be cause for concern, not celebration. 

For example, in the category labeled ‘Life, Health, and Inclusion’ Indiana was given a D- grade. Furthermore, ‘Education’ and ‘Workforce’ were both given D+ grades. ‘Business Friendliness’ received a C. 

Republican policies such as permitless carry and stripping a woman’s right to choose will only make our state less hospitable to women and hard-working families. A new study reports 12 thousand families left Indiana for jobs elsewhere in 2021.

Indiana may rank highly on cost of living measures, but that is solely because workers do not make what they should in our state, with salaries far behind the national average.

“I truly believe that Democrats and Republicans alike should be deeply upset by our state’s score breakdowns,” said Indiana Democratic Chair Mike Schmuhl. 

“There is no world in which Republicans should be patting themselves on the back right now. Good infrastructure and an affordable cost of living mean little when the state is unable to educate its people or create a more level playing field for every Hoosier. 

Years of Republican Party control — with too much of a focus on culture wars and division — have continuously failed to deliver an Indiana for all. We must work to restore balance to our state government so every Hoosier has a brighter future.”


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