College Democrats of Indiana


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Mission Statement: The College Democrats of Indiana caucus (CDIN) serves as the official college student wing of the Indiana Democratic Party. We work to further progressive policies in Indiana and support the advancement of the Democratic party on campuses across the state.

How to Become a Member: Any student attending a public or private university in Indiana can be a member of the College Democrats.

Board Members

President    Raleigh Brown    [email protected]

Vice President    Alexandria Workman    [email protected]

Finance Director    Alex Ogden    [email protected]

Communications Director    Rylee Foster    [email protected]   

Political Affairs Director    Benjamín Rascón-Garcia    [email protected]

Activism Director    Ashley Mowle    [email protected]

Outreach Director    Lexi Dufek    [email protected]

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Director Izzy Frieze [email protected]

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