Concerned Hoosiers protest Rep. Braun’s record of relying on Chinese auto parts over Indiana manufacturers outside his Indianapolis “rally”


INDIANAPOLIS – Concerned Hoosiers greeted Rep. Braun with Chinese flags outside his Indianapolis “rally” today to remind voters of his repeated lies about making and selling cheap Chinese auto parts at the expense of Hoosier workers.

Rep. Braun tried to have a “rally” this morning with barely 30 people – including his own staff — in an attempt to change the narrative around his “lazy” campaign. His event also brought out protesters, who called him out again for lying to Hoosiers about his reliance on Chinese-made auto parts at the expense of Hoosier workers.

Despite the fact that he received tax breaks from Hoosiers after claiming he would create jobs in Indiana, Rep. Braun chose to make his auto parts in China, while Indiana factories making the same parts shut down and Hoosier workers lost their jobs. As the AP reported last month, Rep. Braun has a line of auto parts made and sold by Promaxx Automotive that he chose to have made in China, not in Indiana. And when caught, Rep. Braun lied about it over and over again, claiming he had “no Chinese suppliers” despite several AP reports to the contrary.

“Rep. Braun could have easily opted to manufacture his company’s products here in America, but instead, he chose to sell out Hoosiers in favor of cheap Chinese manufacturing,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Rep. Braun’s decision to rely on cheap foreign labor in China to manufacture his products makes clear he’s not interested in helping Hoosiers, he’s only interested in helping himself.”


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