Concerned Hoosiers protest Rep. Braun’s record of relying on Chinese auto parts over Indiana manufacturers outside his Westfield and Mishawaka events


Rep. Braun made public appearances in Westfield and Mishawaka today, where he was greeted with Hoosiers waving Chinese flags to highlight his long record of profiting off of cheap imports from China at the expense of Hoosier workers.

Rep. Braun has staked his Senate bid on his business record, but he made $18 million in profits last year alone from his company that relies on foreign manufacturers who make their parts in China and other countries. While Rep. Braun claims he uses American manufacturers, the Associated Press revealed that dozens of companies listed on his supplier sheet are either foreign-based or make their products in China, Mexico and other countries. The company itself has also received multiple shipments of parts from China.

“Rep. Braun thinks he can hide the truth of making his millions by relying on Chinese auto parts instead of Indiana manufacturers who have suffered at his expense, but Hoosiers won’t stop reminding him of that fact,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Voters are still stunned that Rep. Braun thinks the millions of dollars he’s made selling Chinese auto parts at Hoosier workers’ expense entitles him to represent them in the Senate.”


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