Congressional Republicans’ Budget Proposal Targets Working Hoosiers and Veterans


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party is today warning of the Republicans’ irresponsible national budget proposal that will hurt job opportunities in Indiana.

The House Republicans’ budget proposal would repeal much of the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA); tax credits and investments within each have led to record private investment across the United States.

The fact is that the IRA and President Biden’s broader agenda is creating opportunities in America’s heartland. Since its passage, over $200 billion has been promised to create over 80,000 jobs across the country.

And with Indiana’s economy so reliant on manufacturing, Hoosiers are benefiting from the new investments and job creation. Since the start of the Biden Administration in 2021, over $11 billion worth of private investment has been committed in Indiana alone.

Republicans’ budget completely removes the tax incentives in the IRA for electric batteries to be manufactured in the United States. That provision threatens four different new EV battery manufacturing projects in Indiana, worth over $4.6 billion, and thousands of jobs.

On top of the job losses, Republicans’ budget proposal targets critical veteran health services. It would cut veterans’ benefit spending by more than 22 percent — forcing those who have served our country to endure longer wait times and have fewer options for care.

In fact, the VA said this week that if the changes became law, over 80,000 jobs in the Veterans’ Health Administration would be lost costing veterans 30 million outpatient visits every year.

“Hoosiers don’t want politicians playing games with the country’s economic future,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl. “House Republicans’ debt ceiling and budget proposal threatens critical progress — specifically for our manufacturing sector that is rebuilding and adding jobs due to Democratic and bipartisan initiatives. Hoosier veterans would see health care access decrease. Working families and veterans deserve a budget that makes them a priority — the Republican proposal puts Wall Street first and workers and veterans last.” 

Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Indiana’s Congressional Republicans need to stop playing games with Hoosier jobs, and end the brinkmanship on the debt ceiling that puts our economy in danger. 


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